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What is an equalizer?  Where are they used?  Should I use a graphic, parametric, shelving, or sweepable equalizer?  Should I boost or cut?  Can I rid my mix of feedback using EQ?  Learn to properly apply equalization to change how your mixes and mix elements sound.

You will learn how:

  • equalization affects mixes and its elements
  • parameters of frequency, bandwidth, and gain affect tonality
  • fixed frequency, sweepable, and parametric equalizers operate
  • highpass filters clean up the low end of the frequency spectrum
  • to describe sounds using common sound descriptors
  • to apply equalization to mix elements
  • equalize output zones using graphic equalizers
  • gain boost or cut affects gain before feedback and headroom

Use listening examples to train your ears.   Apply equalization to mix elements with boost and cut.  Describe sound in terms that other sound engineers and musicians can readily understand.  Use equalization to shape output mixes, speaker response, and to ring out feedback.

Utilize different types of equalizers to fine-tune the sonic characteristics of your mix and mix elements.

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