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How Audio Systems Work

How Audio Systems Work provides the foundation for all topics in audio education.

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How does audio travel from source to listener?  Learn the basics of an audio system with this easy to follow course.  This is a great beginner class for new audio technicians and musicians.  No experience necessary.

You will learn how:

  • audio sources enter the system
  • sources are mixed together
  • mixed audio travels through signal processing
  • processed mixes are amplified
  • amplified audio is propagated into the acoustical space

Trace the path that audio takes from voice and musical instruments to your audience’s ears.  Learn how audio is transformed from acoustical energy to electrical energy.  Explore how electrical energy from multiple sources are altered and combined together to form audio mixes.  See how audio mixes are processed for amplification, are amplified, and are transformed from electrical energy back into acoustical energy for propagation to the audience.

How Audio Systems Work provides the basis for all topics in audio education.

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