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Sound Propagation and Acoustics

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What happens to audio when it leaves the sound system?   Why does the same speaker sound different when you move it to a different room?  How do you fix a bad sounding space?  Learn how in this straightforward primer in sound propagation and acoustics.

You will learn how:

  • audio is propagated from speakers and other sound sources
  • sound moves throughout an acoustical space
  • the amount of reverberation in a room is quantified (RT60)
  • acoustical spaces are treated to suit different program needs
  • to treat your space for best sonic performance

Trace the path that audio takes as it leaves a speaker, travels throughout an acoustical space, and is absorbed by surface materials.  Learn how reflection and absorption creates a space’s acoustic signature.  Locate trouble surfaces.  Choose acoustical solutions to tailor the space’s response to your program’s needs.

Sound Propagation and Acoustics is a primer for how sound is delivered from speakers and travels through an acoustical space.

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