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Learn to create clear and artistic live audio - for your audience

Learn to mix and record live audio

Take courses online

earn badges, certificates, and CEU's

using your computer, tablet, or phone.


Take any of our classes in the privacy of your own home.  You purchase the class and have a month of access time.  Typically, our classes take about two hours to complete.  Classes have videos, interactive activities, quizzes, and tests. Some even come with extra practice activities and multi-track audio files. Fine tune your class choices to fit your budget.

Earn a badge and CEU's for professional development.

Price range: $10 - $30


Take a shorter class with many people, either at the set class time or by replay for up to a month after the class.  Each class is delivered live by webinar.  View a presentation on the class topic, ask questions to the class by text or voice, and take a quick quiz to prove understanding.  Learn while collaborating with teachers and peers.

Earn CEU's for professional development.

Price: $10


This is a smaller, more traditional online course that is lead by a teacher. Utilizing multiple LAA classes, you will watch videos, participate with your classmates, turn in projects and assignments, and complete a final exam.  You can ask questions about the class or your own systems to teachers and students in forums and by email.

Earn a Certificate and CEU's for professional development.

Price range: $50 - $150


You tell us about your program, system, and audio team.  We create a customized learning package that will help your team create clear and artistic audio for all of your events.  Choose from different levels of customization - from a personalized collection of LAA classes to a week-long, on-site video shoot and materials/binder creation.

Earn a personalized Certificate and CEU's for professional development.

Price range: $300 - $10,000


Earn certificates of completion by taking small classroom courses or customized learning packages.  By completing all learning activities, passing all quizzes and tests, and completing all projects, you will prove your knowledge of the subject.  Each certificate shows classroom hours and successful passing of the course, along with suggested CEU's.

Personalized Certificates and CEU's for professional development.

For Small Classroom and Custom Packages


Learn hands-on at our live training classes.  You will spend your time with digital mixers controlled by tablets and laptops, practice all mixer controls in a group setting, create mixes with a tablet and play them over the classroom A/V system, and polish your mixes with effects, dynamics control, and automation. Ask any questions you wish to one of our teachers.  

Earn a Certificate and CEU's for professional development.

Price range: $50 - $200


John Rensink is the owner and principal teacher of The Live Audio Academy.  John founded LAA in 2010 as a natural extension of his audio visual contracting business.  In his 14 years of design and installation experience, John has recognized that the most important thing in an audio system is the people that use it, not the newest techno-gadget. (Though they are cool, aren't they?)

John holds a B.A.S. in Mathematics teaching, and has taught four years in high school math classrooms prior to his A/V experience.  He also holds certification in audio systems through the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.  You do not just get an audio guy as your teacher, but you get a "real teacher" as your teacher when you take classes from LAA.

The Live Audio Academy is the fulfilment of John's passion for audio excellence.  By sharing his gifts with other aspiring sound engineers, John is working towards his ultimate goal of exceptional audio performance at every live event.  

"I am forever grateful to my mentors.  It is a privilege to share whatever I have with the audio community.  I desire to provide the best audio education, using cutting-edge technology, all while making the experience fun!  Watching my students leave my classes, all full of knowledge, and with big smiles on their faces is the best." - John Rensink, The Live Audio Academy



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